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Furthering the development of technical designs by producing clear and concise documentation that enables comprehension and participation by all.


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My name is Nicholas Rogan, I am a technical writer and systems designer based out of Melbourne, Australia. A career as a technician, programmer, draftsperson, and technical writer has given me great insight into all aspects of deploying commercial systems from conception to construction, and the support services that follow. Having this vast professional perspective benefits my documentation services by broadening the reading audiences to include the technical and non-technical alike.

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Audio visual system design and construction is my area of expertise, and this has subsequently lead to understanding the extensive integration with IT systems, and enterprise network systems. Typically, these are complex constructions of related components designed to meet a business or functionality requirement. My objective is to ensure technical teams understand the project requirements, and project leaders have a guide by which they can navigate the details.

It is my belief that these systems should be implemented and understood for the benefit of the end-users, and the best way to ensure a result meets expectations is to produce documentation in a manner that is inclusive. The goal is to avoid language that hides function behind a wall of technical jargon, and likewise to avoid language that is open to interpretation resulting in unacceptable variance in design. The promise to my clients is that documentation has the power to bridge the chasm between project requirements and the technical specification developed to address them.

Technical Writing and Documentation

Technical Documentation and Writing

My services include the production of the following types of documents:

● Design Specifications
● Business Proposals
● Tender Response Proposals
● Engineer's Specifications
● IT Technology Specifications
● Scope of Works and Demarcation
● Technology Standards
● Design Briefs
● Return Briefs

● Audio Visual Systems
● Integrated System Descriptions
● Operation Manuals
● Instruction Manuals
● Reference Guides
● User Manuals
● User Experience Storyboards
● Training Documentation